Adventure Explorers??

Adventure Explorers at Adventure Recreation is a vibrant, after school community for children ages TK through 6th grade. We embrace curiosity, collaboration, and creativity as we embark on thrilling journeys beyond the classroom. OFFERING transportation from Old Adobe School District. Depending on when we fill the van, we might close off to just one or two schools. Our first confirmed school is Old Adobe.

With engaging classes in Ninja or Tumble, captivating STEM projects, and imaginative arts and crafts, Adventure Explorers sparks lifelong friendships and a love for learning. Join us on this exciting adventure of discovery and teamwork!

We may be able to pick up your child from school!

Our group is limited to just 12 kids, and will grow the progam as we can!

Only full time (Mon-Fri) may be eligible for pick up - to start!

Please inquire below:

Safety measures

We have very low ratios of students to coaches!  We value small group sizes so there is more individualized attention.  We are able to adapt our lesson plans to challenge each child and meet them at their ability level: beginning, intermediate and advanced.  We create a balance where challenge meets fun!

Quality coaches & activities

We have qualified coaches who care about working with kids and making it a FUN learning environment.  We strive to put character building first... and accomplishing goals and skills second.  We are focused on child centered learning and nurturing and developing the child as a whole!  

Enrichment with variety

We offer a diverse program filled with activities that will spark children's creativity and exploration!  We will cover everything from STEM, Science, Art, Music, Physical Activity and so much more!  


Monday - Friday, after school to 6:30pm

We will offer our Adventure Explorers program Monday, Tuesday, Thursday & Friday after school from 2:45 - 6:30pm, and Wednesdays from 1:30 - 6:30pm. Drop in days may be available in the future, as we will book full time students through July.

Fill out our form below to talk to one of our after school specialists who will be happy to answer all of your questions and help you get registered if you feel it is the right fit for you. Our goal is to pick up students from school, but we will be limited to just a couple of local schools to start. Our pick up ability will greatly depend on the first few full times students to sign up and which schools they are located at!



Once students arrive at Adventure Recreation, they will PLAY - in our tumble or Ninja Gyms for 30 minutes. It will be a combination of games, drills, stations, obstacle courses and everything fun! Then students will head over to our Learning Labs to work on their homework! Students will have the academic support of our coaches on homework help.

Each day after they play and work on homework- they will do EITHER:

>>>Tumble Class

>>>Warrior Class

>>>STEM Project

>>>Science Experiment

>>>Art Project

>>>Team Building Project

Our After School Program is open to TK through 6th Grade.

We are also seeking 12.5 year olds (7th grade and up) to join us for our Jr. Coaching Program. This is a great opportunity to gain skills working with kids, practice skills needed for your first time job, and also a safe and fun place to be after school.

Sparking curiosity

Encourage children to nurture their natural curiosity and develop a love for learning. Inspire them to ask questions, explore new ideas, and discover the world around them. Foster an environment that sparks their imagination and encourages a lifelong thirst for knowledge.

Value teamwork

Not only does teamwork help build communication and leadership skills, but it also gives children different perspectives and outlooks on situations. Through team-based activities, children may be tasked with critical thinking and examining situations through lenses they may have never thought of before!

Encouraging creativity

Foster a spirit of creativity and innovation in children. Encourage them to think outside the box, express themselves through various forms of art, and find unique solutions to problems. Provide opportunities for imaginative play, arts and crafts, and open-ended projects that allow them to explore their creative potential.

Complete this informational questionaaire, and we will be in touch with more information about our Adventure Explorer's Program! We hope we can provide you and your family a fun afterschool program that fits their interests, needs and skill level!

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